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I have always been passionate about the outdoors and enjoying the breathtaking views that can be found in nature. Photography for me has always been a fun hobby and now it has become an excuse to get out of the office and explore new places. 

I have a master's degree in wildlife management and work as a wildlife biologist. This sometimes allows me to get some great up-close images of otherwise elusive wildlife species. Other times it means I am too busy doing my job to get the perfect shot! 

This site is a way for me to put some of these photos on display for your viewing pleasure. If you like what you see, use the link below to contact me or follow me on instagram to see more recent work. Check out the store here to purchase prints, digital image downloads, canvases and other fun gift ideas. If you are interested in custom printing options or bulk orders please contact me directly and I'd be happy to work with you.

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