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This is where my passion for photography started. I was spending a lot of time outdoors observing birds, mostly for my job as a wildlife biologist, and I got to see a lot of really amazing behaviors and found really charismatic little birds in places where most people wouldn't have even noticed them. I decided to capture those moments, or at least give it my best attempt. Birds (especially small birds) are constantly moving, flitting about through the trees, and more often than not I'll end up with wonderfully clear images of twigs and leaves with a disappointingly blurry bird in the background. I would like to think I have gotten better at minimizing these occurrences over the past few years, but having those moments is seemingly inevitable with avian photography. The images below are some of my personal favorites and I will continue to update this gallery. I have an extensive collection of bird photos so if you're looking for a particular bird, send me a message and I'll see if I can help you out. 


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